IMM to PST Conversion made easier

Why Import IMM 2 PST?

Sometime it becomes necessary to change, it may be a voluntary decision or it can be involuntary. Let us get through why user wants to change from IncrediMail to MS Outlook. IncrediMail is a good application, but it suitable if you are using it for personal work (send/receive emails from family/friends). But if you intend to use it for official purpose, there might be some problem in it, because the features provided by IncrediMail are not exactly suitable for professional use. Whereas there is MS Outlook which not only look professional but offers features (appointments, meetings, to-do list, calendar, reminder, etc) which are very suitable for office setup. Also IncrediMail is a heavy application which could make your PC work slow and Outlook also provide more storage space. This being the main reason for users to Export IncrediMail to PST, we will now move on to how to get it done.

Easy IMM to PST Conversion all the way!

Most users nowadays prefer to use help for this sort of work, no want has that much time to give upon this things. People do not want a program which takes lot of time and has a process which takes all of their day. People now look for quick, rapid and easy program. CataSoftware IncrediMail to Outlook fits the bill perfectly, it Convert IMM to Outlook smoothly. Basically

  • It has 3 steps to converts IMM files, which are easy to apply
  • Takes seconds only to move IMM 2 PST, and.
  • Costs only 49 dollar

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Amazing features to look-out for:

  • Unmatched speed, very quickly the program does IMM to PST Conversion.
  • Give accurate conversion result to user while keeping information like:
    • Metadata
    • Attachment
    • HTML/RTF Formatting
  • Convert IMM to Outlook and save converted emails in new PST file.
  • Quick and simple use, which anyone can use
  • Use the product in any Windows PC.

The program is unlike any other tool already in the market, its swift, comes at affordable range, and does not harm user's data in any way. Also one FREE Trial of the program is provided to user so that users can verify its working and also get to try the procedure to Export IncrediMail to Outlook. For getting a free preview download the products Demo edition, it's absolutely free of any charges. When you have tried it then order/purchase license key for 49 USD to enjoy complete conversion.

In case of some problem, contact the always available tech support team to have answer to your query and have all your problems solved.

Download Now Order Now @ $49